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Bladeless fan

  • 2017 Newest 10 Inches Round Bladeless Fan
2017 Newest 10 Inches Round Bladeless Fan

2017 Newest 10 Inches Round Bladeless Fan

  • Bladeless Fan
  • Desk Fan
  • Cooling Fan
  • Hide leaf fan
  • Product description: Bladeless Fan Desk Fan Cooling Fan No Leaf Fan Hide leaf fan Air Multiplier

Bladeless Fan/Hide leaf Fan
Safe for use around children
Air Amplification technic is adopted
Lightweight and portable ,Innovative bladeless technology
Recommended to use in home , office ,restaurant, hotel ,clinics, hospital, etc.
Fan is well designed and finished for durable use and is perfect for a coporate/personal gifts.

Product Advantages
1.Safety: Not cut the child finger, no danger.
2.Health:Natural wind is suitable for pregnant women, old people and children.
3.Power saving: No Leaf fan is half of ordinary fan of energy consumption.
4.Convenience: Cleaning is simple and convenient.
5.Humanity Design: Stepless speed control, and remote control
6.Touch button,and body fusion as a whole design,more beautiful and generous
7.Eco-friendly: Import ABS material and through the ROHS certification.
8.Cheap:The price of no leaf fan is 1/10 of the air conditioner.

Model No: 3A(with Touch button)
Color: Blue  Green  Orange  Pink  Red  OEM
Material: ABS
Power: 6-33W
Motor: High speed brushless motor(8000rpm)
Pitching Angle: 360°
Turning Angle:90°
Operating temperature: <65℃
Product Size: 605*395*250mm
N.W: 2.2kg

Color box: 405*175*392,1pcs/box
Carton: 800*420*370mm,4pcs/ctn

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