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Humidification Fan

  • 26 Inches Wall Centrifugal Misting Fan
  • 26 Inches Wall Centrifugal Misting Fan
26 Inches Wall Centrifugal Misting Fan26 Inches Wall Centrifugal Misting Fan

26 Inches Wall Centrifugal Misting Fan

  • Humidification Fan
  • Misting Fan
  • Fan
  • Spray Fan
  • Product description: Humidification Fan Misting Fan Outdoor misting fan Water Fan Spray Fan Wall Centrifugal Misting Fan

The coolness you feel with a standard fan is caused by a principle called evaporative cooling.  In a warm environment your body sweats and liquid perspiration forms on your skin. As the circulating air from the fan moves over your skin it evaporates the perspiration.  Energy is used in that process and the result is a coolness at the surface where the process takes place. In addition, the moving air is more efficient at removing radiated heat from your body.
With a misting fan, water is added to the equation.  A fine spray of water is combined with the air movement of the fan.

Mist fans are effective even during humid summers. They are successful in the hunid weathers of Karachi, Lahore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok etc.

Additional benefits

Dust control
Odour control
Insect pesticide control
Wide range of uses
Green city mist fans can be used virtually everywhere. Starting from industrial, domestic and commercial uses. Within industrial and commercial uses these fans have been found useful virtually in all types of environment. Some of its main users are listed below:
Restaurant and bars
Public areas e.g. parks, airports, train stations etc
Cattle, horse and poultry farms
Manufacturing environment
Hotels poolside and outdoor sitting areas
Sports stadiums
Green Houses

Specification: 26"
Model NO.: KF-LC005C
Dimension: 500 mm (20")
Voltage: 110v,220v
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 260w
Air-flow: 138 cubic meter/min
Fan oscillation adjustable: 90 degrees automatically
Fan tilt adjustable: 30 degrees
Available area: 50 square meters
Temperatures drop: 5 - 8 ℃
Operation Temperature: 20 - 80 ℃
Operation Humidity: 20% - 85%
Diameter of atomized drip: < 10 um
Jet distance: 2-10 m
Speed: 3 Remote control
Tank capacity: 8L
G.W: 18KG

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